who we are enjoy tattooed tv tattoos dayton ohio


who we are enjoy tattooed tv tattoos dayton ohio

Tired of drama filled tattoo television shows, full of the cheap soap opera style reality series approach to the amazing world of tattooing? Sick of watching painfully mediocre tattooers bicker and argue with each other, as well as disrespect each other and the fine art of tattooing through their tattoo television train wreck? Well get ready for a totally unique behind the scenes look at one of the countries most acclaimed tattoo studios // TRUTH & TRIUMPH TATTOO. TATTOOED TV is a day to day real life account of real tattooing, and the stories that come with it. You'll see the Tattoo magazine photo shoots, a firsthand view of the studio traveling across the country to conventions and invitationals, as well as their daily lives and experiences inside the shop, and even the crew out on the town for the multiple shop events that TRUTH & TRIUMPH TATTOO has became notorious for. Be sure to log on and see for yourself, firsthand, what makes this midwestern superstudio stand out from the rest, and has earned them the reputation for being the best in their class!

PRICK magazine is one of the only free tattoo publications in the business. It is widely distributed by tattoo shops as well as read by many tattoo aficionados across the country and beyond. We are proud to have been a major contributor to the magazine, as well as being heavily advertised in its pages for the last few years. Our relationship with this reputable tattoo magazine has most definitely raised the bar on our studios' status as well as our reputation and brand recognition to any tattoo enthusiast nationwide! Be sure to follow PRICK for the latest in industry news.

International Tattoo Art magazine is one of the biggest tattoo publications there is in the world today. It comes out monthly all over the planet. You can find this one in the USA, as well as the U.K., France, Italy, and so on. Name the country and it will be flying off the newsstands due to its long time popularity with tattoo artists, as well as tattoo enthusiasts. Well, if you have been looking, then you'll notice that Truth & Triumph Tattoo has been occupying the centerfold of this iconic tattoo magazine for the last couple of years. The popularity of this super studio, that has became a household name in its hometown, far exceeds the Dayton vicinity. It is known throughout the world for its top quality artistry as well as its complete dedication to being business savvy.

INKED magazine has gained a reputation quick for being one of the most high end tattoo lifestyle magazines in the business. It includes some of the most beautiful tattoo models, tattoo fashion, as well as well as tattoos from only the finest tattoo shops in the business. Well, sure enough, INKED magazine did an extensive article on Truth & Triumph Tattoo and its tattooers exclusively. They've displayed some incredible tattoo work from these guys as well as covered owner Brian Brenner's unique approach to running his nationally acclaimed tattoo studios. INKED didn't forget their online webshow TATTOOEDTV.COM, that they post seasonally on the website, as well as telling it like it is….." They are the biggest thing in Dayton!"

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