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Brian Brenner // owner of Truth & Triumph creates quite a stir in Italy! "After tattooing all weekend in a foreign place where few people speak your language, it makes you appreciate your blessings in the good ol' US of A I'll tell you that!" Brenner's overseas presence has been growing for years and has just got kicked into high gear at the Florence, Italy Convention. "I'll definitely be attending more conventions in this part of the world," says Brenner. The Art of tattoo is really being appreciated by Europeans and is only getting stronger. Italy is the Mecca for art and fashion and it only makes sense that tattooing be high on the demand list in the art epicenter of the world. Tattoos for everyone! Ha!

For over a decade, we've put an unbelievable amount of time and energy into our company. We've travelled the country far and wide as attending artists at dozens of international tattoo conventions, networking with tons of tattoo collectors as well as many top tattoo artists and businessmen from around the world. Our travels have definitely shaped the way our shops operate, and has given us an enormous advantage over our local competitors. Here's a list of some of the tattoo conventions we've attended, and one's we'll be attending in the near future.

Nashville Full Moon Tattoo Expo and Horror Film Fest
Hell City Killumbus
Long Beach California Ink and Iron
Phoenix Hell City
New Orleans Tattoo Voodoo

Nashville full Moon tattoo and Horror Film Fest
Hell City Killumbus
Tattoo Jam Doncaster UK
Knoxville East Tennessee Tattoo Expo
Phoenix Hell City
Albequerque NM
Evian France
Boston MA
Richmond Virginia

Nashville Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Film Fest
Richmond Virginia
Spokane Washington
Hell City Killumbus
Liverpool UK
Eugene Oregon
Biloxi Mississippi

Biloxi Mississippi
Florence Italy Convention

For 2012 and the FUTURE:

Due to the vast attendance of tattoo conventions and guest spots, we will not be posting every one we attend. Our tattoo artists are constantly traveling and representing the shop.

We are all blessed to part of such a great team of tattooers working as hard as they do keeping us going in this growing industry. Conventions, Guest spots, and meeting so many great tattooers is something we'll always cherish at Truth & Triumph Tattoo. Thank you EVERYONE who is pushing this industry to the amazing heights it is growing to.

We love all of you! Thanks for your continued support through the years, and we look forward to the years to come!

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