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1. Remove bandage after an hour or two.

2. Gently wash tattoo with antibacterial soap with your hands. No washcloths,
     luffas, sponges, etc.

3. Pat dry with a clean towel.

4. Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor, A&D ointment, or Neosporin. Generics are fine.

5. Clean and apply aftercare 2-3 times a day.

6. Keeping your tattoo bandaged while healing is recommended and highly
    beneficial. Tattoos that are left not bandaged may heal fine as well without any
    problems, but the likeliness of problems occurring are MUCH GREATER when a
    fresh tattoo is not bandaged, left to the millions of germs and airborne
    contaminants that you may not realize you absolutely do come in contact with
    every day.

7. Your fresh tattoo MUST be cleaned after any direct contact with anything other
    than a clean bandage! Consider most everything you come in contact with "not
    clean." Car doors, seats in the movie theater, grocery carts, the counter in your
    kitchen, your garments such as shirts and pants as well as the inside of your
    jacket sleeves, a friend touching it, or yourself touching it with unwashed hands.
    Anything that may touch your fresh tattoo adds a tremendous risk factor to your
    tattoo becoming infected, and fresh tattoos becoming infected is EXTREMELY
    common! If a tattoo does become infected, it is not the end of the world, but will
    require some extra care and possibly medical treatment that can become very
    time consuming and expensive! Why risk it?

8. No swimming, pools, hot tubs, or tanning!

9. No picking at or scratching your new tattoo!

10. Touch ups are free within the first 60 days! After that 60 day period fees may
       apply, and we must see the tattoo in person to warrant a touch up service!

If you have ANY questions feel free to
email any of the artist!


    After you get tattooed, proper aftercare is crucial to your tattoo healing successfully. Your tattoo may remain red for a few days. Maybe longer. The more your new tattoo is touched, bumped, rubbed, or scraped against in whatever way will definitely increase the redness and irritation, prolonging the healing time.

    Your new tattoo may also seep onto your clothes, bedding, and any other thing it touches while healing. It may also appear as if the ink is seeping out of your new tattoo. RELAX! This is NORMAL! Continue with the aftercare and this should end within the week.

    Flaking and minor scabbing may oftentimes occur. The better you care for your new tattoo, the less likely you'll scab, and the quicker the new tattoo can flake and heal nicely for you! Sometimes the when the scabs and flakes fall off, it may appear as if the new tattoo is falling off with them. RELAX! This is also NORMAL! Even if the tattoo heals out too light, it can always be touched up or reworked to look fantastic! Do not panic.

    If your new tattoo stays extremely red for 5 days or longer, and appears to be getting worse, it could be infected! Tattoos are vey prone to becoming infected! All of us heavily tattooed people have gone through the experience of an infected tattoo at least once and they're not fun! If you feel your new tattoo becomes infected contact your physician immediately. If your tattoo is in fact infected it's better to find out sooner than later! Staph infections especially! They are EXTREMELY common to catch through a new tattoo and can be nasty! You can however feel safe in knowing that the chances of catching a staph infection from your local tattoo studio is highly unlikely, unless it is just a down right dirty place! Staph infections are usually caught after the fact when your fresh tattoo comes into contact with a contaminated surface such as a car seat, clothes, unwashed hands, a grocery cart, a chair at a restaurant, etc.. The good news is with the proper treatment, your tattoo should heal up fine. It may require some touch up work, but after that you should be in great shape! Getting tattooed can be risky and you should research the tattoo studio you choose to get your tattoo thoroughly! Any reputable tattoo studio will take good care of you should problems arise. If you do have a problem with your tattoo you should go back to the same studio you received service. Reason being, they are going to want to make your situation right, protect their reputation, as well as the fact you will rarely be charged for a problem assessment and a touch up. Oftentimes competitors love to bad mouth and will only play the blame game as well as try to take you for money you shouldn't have to spend.

    Remember, should problems arise…. Research, and then act intelligently! Everything will be fine in the end!

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