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Welcome to the first digital issue of this one of a kind online tattoo magazine.

MOMENTUM TATTOO MAGAZINE is dedicated to bringing you the latest in happenings, as well as celebrating events from our tattooed past. This online magazine will cover the tattooers of the future, bitchin hot rods and their tattooed builders, up and coming tattooed bands, tattoo events and conventions, and other tattoo happenings from near and far.

Come check out and celebrate the culture that surrounds the incredible world of tattooing we all love so much!

- T.Mag - Editor

One of Truth & Triumph's hottest young tattooers makes his mark!

In the heart of the midwest, you'll find many incredible tattooers and tattoo culture. The midwest has taken the tattoo world by storm, and continues to do so with its production of some the industry's top tattooers and tattoo studios. Not far north of Cincinnati, and west of Killumbus, Ohio as the claimed home of the world famous Hell City Tattoo Expo; Dayton, Ohio is the stomping grounds to not only indie rock legends Guided By Voices and The Breeders, funk innovators Zapp and the Ohio Players, not to mention Metal icons Miss May I and Devil Wears Prada, it is also home to one of the biggest tattoo teams around…..Truth & Triumph Tattoo. The TT logo has become extremely well known throughout the tattoo industry through print editorials, as well as attendance at many tattoo conventions all over the world from the USA and beyond. The company has also ran an international marketing campaign; showcasing its tattooers through print and digital advertising, as well as creating its very own internet webisodes and other videos that attract the attention of the internet 24 hours a day.

Truth & Triumph Tattoo has always been known for its very large team of great tattooers. Strongly assuming his place at the front of the pack is
"Thee Joshua Lee" Wilson. Josh has been decorating the skin of his vast clientele, and is sought after far and wide for his very unique colorful and bold
style. Josh's drawing ability has made him a stand out since day one. To this day few can lay it down like Josh, match his work ethic, or his dedication and
selfless loyalty to his teammates at Truth & Triumph. If you want a good tattoo they are, in fact, becoming easier to come by these days. Now, If you want a
flawlessly great one of a kind tattoo, executed by one of the finest artists in the business, applied with incredible precision and originality to boot……Josh is
definitely your man! He is a one of a kind tattooer that is sure to undoubtedly make his mark in tattoo history! His work is a must for serious collectors.

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A very vital group of young and talented musicians are ready to unleash!

From a city as musically crucial to pioneering so many genres of music as Dayton, Ohio has, it isn't hard to believe there probably are many undiscovered indie acts lurking in the depths of this midwestern town. Well the DANGERKIDS are quickly making themselves known to their vast amount of online followers and fans. With a very commercially viable sound that is loaded with catchy hooks and epic sounding choruses, these guys are a sure fire hit. Surely they'll win over the hearts of many music fans as well as the A&R's. The DANGERKIDS are a record label's trip to dreamland. They have written and produced their own record via the production mastery and talents of frontman, audio engineer, and producer Tyler Smyth. The band's image and visual direction are both as sleek as the band sounds, thanks to visual artist and designer Justin Morter. A brilliantly polished and packaged rock and roll band such as this doesn't just happen accidentally. Tyler very carefully executed a plan of attack for his band. He wrote, recorded, and produced his initial radio ready tunes on his own. His band completely avoided the typical playing of local bars and clubs, savoring the project for special rock showcases and big deal shows that better represents the professionalism and "We mean business" approach of the band. The excessive amount of hard work that has gone into making the DANGERKIDS has to be unmeasurable (Only Tyler Knows.) The band has released a few videos that have already received an impressive amount of views on YOUTUBE. Both their sound and their band image are forces to be reckoned with. A musical outfit that is executed with the finest precision. With the tightest squeaky clean image and brilliantly polished platform to launch any band, DANGERKIDS will be sure to leave you speechless. To top it off….they did it themselves! If you are in a struggling band, what's not to envy? A band that'll surely destroy all in it's path? The DANGERKIDS! A suiting name for this ambitious group of Dayton, Ohio youngsters.

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Tattoo and Music Entrepreneur's '53 Sedan Delivery the Hearts of Onlookers!

In the early 50's Chevy was pumping out cars. They were giving Ford a run for their money. A lot of money General Motors was making was off of their new sleek Chevy line. The '53 and '54 chevy's are arguably two of the most sought after lead sleds of that time period. Now the Sedan Delivery was a monster of its own. Its super rare existence adds to the value factor for anyone that is sitting on one of these. Well Dayton, Ohio tattoo shop owner, Brian Brenner, is sitting on one of the baddest deliveries around. Slammed on the ground, sitting in satin paint, and sporting brand new black interior and carpet makes this car a stand out wherever it goes. Hand painted lettering "The World Famous Truth & Triumph Tattoo", adorn the sides, and look amazing against the black paint. There is a rough and tough 350 under the hood with a turbo 300 transmission. It sits on chrome steelies, and sounds as good as it looks. With the flowmasters dumping out under the car, the exhaust remains hidden. If you have a chance to see this bad ass ride in person, you'll be able to appreciate the truly unique car this one really is.






Truth & Triumph Tattoo Represents the USA at the Florence Italy Tattoo Convention

When the owner of Truth & Triumph Tattoo was contacted and offered a limited expense paid trip to Italy, and a comped spot inside the annual Florence Italy Tattoo Convention, you could say "Taken by surprise," would be a great way to describe a proposal such as this. If you think about it, Florence is one of the greatest artistic meccas in the whole world. The chance to partake in such an event as this was not only an unbelievable opportunity, but also a fantastic life experience, to put it lightly! Needless to say, travel plans were made within weeks of this honor of an offer. Come to find out, the owner of the shop that hosts the show, Valina, has been very familiar with Dayton's finest tattoo team, and contacted the TT crew, and extended her extremely generous offer via email, and a professional relationship was born. Dayton's tattoo triumphant now visits Italy and plans to participate in the Florence Italy Tattoo Convention indefinitely, as long as they'll be had of course. The beautiful country that Italy is, cannot be denied. The opportunity to visit one of the most prominent cities of winding brick streets and historical urban landscapes that is home to the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Spanish Steps, art museums and galleries….. the list goes on and on, is beyond the comprehension of most, including the guys of TT. Visiting both cities (Rome and Florence) could be considered the chance of a lifetime. Attaining the ability to revisit it all over again and again is an unthinkable blessing that has transpired into a reality for Dayton, Ohio's very own Truth & Triumph Tattoo. Just when you thought you have seen and have done it all, new paths of opportunity expose themselves to us every day. The road continues to be endless, and the sky is truly the limit when you believe that it is. This mindset is one of the truths of the triumphant!

A Small Midwestern City With Big City Flair, Is The Place To Be or Be From.

Nestled snugly between the state's Capital city of Columbus, and the concrete jungle of Cincinnati, Dayton Ohio is that kinda place that gives that big city vibe as much as any other. From the historical landscapes to the super hip downtown districts, Dayton has always been rich in producing some of Ohio's finest musical acts as well as visual artists, making that creative stir as big as any town could. Home to the Wright Bros., Erma Bombeck, John Patterson, and many other historical figures….Dayton still maintains that innovative and creative edge you can feel having lived there for any length of time. The city has always been cram packed with incredible artists and musicians (Guided By Voices, The Breeders, to the younger side of music with Devil Wears Prada and metal giants Miss May I all following the 70's funk pioneers ZAPP and The Ohio Players), the visual artists, painters, digital designers, film makers, car and custom fabricators, tattoo artists, you name it and Dayton's got it! They have it GOOD! Though Dayton has been seeing its harder times with the closing of many factories, machine shops, and industrial venues that kept Dayton a competitive player in production and fabrication, the blue collar facilities have become fewer and further between. The fact is Dayton is, and will always be, Dayton. The University of Dayton, and its college district is ever growing, while downtown renovations have opened doors for inner city pioneers to enjoy the urban development taking place, such as residential factory lofts, the vast influx of restaurants and mom and pop specialty stores, and the historical neighborhoods making their turnaround. Dayton's desirability remains. Having the vision and ability to take a look around and realize the character and charm of this great city doesn't take a multi-degree scholar. It just takes the ability to accurately perceive what you are actually in the middle of.