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Welcome to the first digital issue of this one of a kind online tattoo magazine.

MOMENTUM TATTOO MAGAZINE is dedicated to bringing you the latest in happenings, as well as celebrating events from our tattooed past. This online magazine will cover the tattooers of the future, bitchin hot rods and their tattooed builders, up and coming tattooed bands, tattoo events and conventions, and other tattoo happenings from near and far.

Come check out and celebrate the culture that surrounds the incredible world of tattooing we all love so much!

- T.Mag - Editor

He claims his placement in our company as a "True til' Death" permanent one!

We've all heard the stories of "Back in the good ol' days….", and one topic that is always discussed is how much easier the generation of today has it over their predecessors. "I walked 10 miles in the snow, uphill and barefoot just for a soda." Haha! That is another good one. Well one of our guys has broken the mold. One man who steps outside the boundaries of CAN'T, and figures out a way of CAN DO. No matter how hard he has to work, no matter how many hours he has to put in, and no matter how much he does for the team, this guy works hard! This guy treats his customers the way he'd wanna be treated! This guy works harder than most tattooers in the business, and holds no sense of entitlement or greediness that infects the tattoo community like terminal cancer. This man's name is Joshua Williams. Josh joined the Truth & Triumph tattoo crew half a decade ago, and claims his placement in our company as a "True til' Death" permanent one. The kinship and brotherhood that the Truth & Triumph members share is unlike anything you've seen before, especially in a tattoo shop. Mr. Williams holds this in very high esteem, as well as inclusion of both his clients and family and friends in the fantastic world he has created around himself. Josh is an amazingly solid tattooer, specializing, but not limited to classic flowing Japanese imagery and ornamental design. He is mostly self taught through watching and learning. He may ask a question here and there, but he's the kind of guy who remains silent with his ears wide open at all times. Is this the secret to his success? Well on top of being great tattooer, hard worker, flawless in his customer service, and a whole lotta personality, there may be more than meets the eye with this guy! Plus he rocks a MEAN pair of cowboy boots. What is not to love about JOSH WILLIAMS?!

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Morter's 31 Sedan in Progress

Jeff Tygret's STAY TRUE Customs is slowly becoming the "Go to" venue
choice for hot rodders!

Dayton, Ohio has always been a mecca for the hot rod culture scene long since its conception. Since the days of old, motor heads and garage rats have been building their very own street customs and quarter mile killers. It's always been that way, and always will. Well a few brave and imaginative young doers among these custom creepers and drag strip dreamers are actually building a business around their ground rumbling passion to serve the demand of an ever growing community of road warriors. One builder who is a complete stand out and continues to generate talk and praise for his incredible craftsmanship, dedication to his work, and definite gift of gab with a smile, is Mr. Jeff Tygrett. Jeff's secret to the success in his business….is real deal hard work. Delivering what the customer asks for, and doing it all flawlessly on a premium level for a fair price. Jeff states that a lot of the clients he gets are projects he's assumed control of after the customer was taken advantage of by another builder. Due to the shadiness of this business, there are always fairly well guarded project owners because of the bad taste left in their mouths from the last bad experience they had. Here is where STAY TRUE shines. They are honest. Yes people, we said it, and you heard it right! There is an HONEST brand of builder, with all the skill one would need to build one of the most impressive street machines your heart desires. When it comes to any custom car customization, alteration, or fabrication, Jeff and his crew at STAY TRUE kustoms are definitely a "Look no further" operation. You'll get top quality work, top quality craftsmen, not to mention treated like a first class prize project no matter what you are having done, and all with Jeff's ear to ear smile that'll win over the most hardened and bitter attitudes in this dog eat dog business. They are soon to be the anyone who's anyone's first choice destination of hot rod customization!

(Jeff is currently working on Truth & Triumph Tattoo's classics as we speak. Morter's '31 sedan, Brenner's '50 Merc, BigMeas '50 Chevy, and many more!)

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Dayton Ohio's NIGHTBEAST has Created A "COME TO" Community Within
the Local Music Scene and Beyond!

When it comes to breaking the rules of how to make things happen, NIGHTBEAST is a sure fire stand out! Dayton native Nick Testa spent years of his life as an "on the road" guitar tech for big bands such as BAYSIDE, BRAND NEW, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS, and many, many others. All the while, on his off time, he was creating his very own side project that consisted of himself, a keyboard, drum machine, a computer, and his unbelievable sense of humor. Nick wrote a handful of hilarious spoof songs that he'd perform live, completely solo with an iPod as his backup band, similar to rappers and other electronic and digital acts. Testa kept this up for nearly 5 years, and not only kept it going, NIGHTBEAST has now evolved into a full blown band! Nick's ability as a frontman has escalated to soaring heights, and the demand to see him and his band has far surpassed even the most serious local performers. This is all because NIGHTBEAST has created a feeling of community among show attendees, and a strong sense of belonging due to the fact that their shows act as an experience that you, the audience, are completely a part of. Nick loves performing live, and he delivers a party nearly every show he does. To say the least, the band is quite impressive as well. NIGHTBEAST has 2 guitar players, a bass player, a drummer, Nick on the main vocals with an impressive backup vocalist pulling it all together, on top of the pre-programmed electronic sound effects and other signature electronic goodies you are sure to enjoy. On top of assisting the Truth & Triumph tattoo team with audio, video, and other PR events, the band performs very frequently in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio. They are also increasingly growing in popularity across the region. At the rate Nick is playing live, and the intensity he is pushing his band with, there is no doubt that he is success bound with his project. Anyone who is on the NIGHTBEAST train is in for a wild ride, so hang on tight!

To learn more about Nightbeast, Click Here!


Truth & Triumph Tattoo Represents In Our National Capital's Annual Tattoo Expo

Tattoo Conventions are becoming a dime a dozen nowadays. There is one in every town across the world. Every town, and every weekend, there is a tattoo convention somewhere. Not like the old days when there was merely one a month, if that, and it was a big deal to have the opportunity to participate in the show, unlike now. Any jackass with a shop can attend about every show out there. Well the Washington DC showed its true authenticity, having only the greatest tattooers from around the globe as attendees. Being a part of this one was an honor and a privilege. The Capital city of Washington DC is an amazing place from the Lincoln memorial, to the White House. It's the kind of place everyone knows so much about, and is a huge part of our heritage and history. What better place for a world class tattoo convention. The Television shows from LA Ink stars to Inkmasters celebrity tattooers were there in full effect, doing their thing alongside hundreds of the amazing tattooers at the show. Tons of great tattooing kept the onlookers in fascination and entertained watching the hundreds of tattoos being executed right there on the convention floor! If you are unfamiliar with how tattoo conventions work, the best tattooers from around the globe are invited to multiple tattoo shows. They all set up and are inspected by the Health Board in that area, and cut loose on all of the hides of the locals. People from that city that attend the show as a spectator can attain a tattoo from a tattooer from states away. This brilliant idea was formed years ago, and what a brilliant one it is! Want a tattoo from a nationally acclaimed tattooer, but don't wanna travel across Hell's half acre to get it? Hit up a tattoo convention. The Washington DC Tattoo convention is a great one!







Recently Truth and Triumph Shop Owner Was Featured In International
Tattoo Publication

It's not everyday an artist from Dayton gets a national editorial, let alone an international one. Well in Fall of 2012, tattoo artist and business owner Brian Brenner was a featured artist in the ever popular INTERNATIONAL TATTOO Magazine. It was not only a great victory for the TT studio, but for Dayton, Ohio as a whole. Brenner's work is extremely different, and his editorial was a definite stand out. If you ask Brenner what his major focus is, he'll tell you originality! He feels style is everything, and is the honest admission of who you are as a person. "Style and originality take a front seat to technical ability any day of the week," says Brenner! The article is written with a very accurate portrayal of Brenner. The midwest is a mecca for great tattooers, and this article is yet another brick in the ever growing wall. International Tattoo Art has been around for decades. It was always looked to as the upper crust tattoo magazine. Being lucky enough to receive a feature in ITA means a lot! Tattooing seems to be the rave with no end in sight. There are television shows, a whole section of tattoo magazines and books available at the newsstand, as well as tattoo clothing lines and apparel. This ancient art, that was looked at as a mere fad, has now made its way so far into mainstream culture that it's not going away anytime soon. Neither is the long term reputation of Truth & Triumph Tattoo. Also known as Dayton's finest, the code of excellence that is thoroughly covered in INTERNATIONAL TATTOO MAGAZINE will be sure to stay accurately in tact, and unbreakable.