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It is impossible to quote an exact price for your tattoo until it is thoroughly discussed between you and the tattoo artist! Every little factor in your tattoo design can change the price of your tattoo considerably. The size you want, the amount of colors you decide on, where you put it on your body, it all counts. We have however laid out some simple estimated pricing for what you could spend on your tattoo.
These are estimates and only estimates!

OUR SHOP HAS A $100 MINIMUM with little to no exceptions!

Small Tattoos $100-$250
Med. Tattoos $250-$350
Large Tattoos $350 and up!

Our tattoo studio is recognized by the community as the best in the area! It has often been referred to as "the only place in town to go!" The members of our staff are highly skilled technicians and have worked really hard to achieve the level of skill that our customers come to us for again and again. Getting a tattoo from our studio is about much more than getting just another tattoo. It is about getting the best tattoo, from the best artist, in the best environment, and our prices are reflective of exactly that! Our clients aren't just paying for a tattoo, they are paying for an experience! An experience of getting tattooed in a world famous studio recognized by national and international publications as one of the most amazing tattoo teams in the country! Our customers are of the highest caliber, with the highest expectations and settle for nothing less than the best!

Earlobe - $30 ($50 for the pair)

Outer Cartilage - $30 ($50 for the pair)

Tragus, Rook, Daith, Conch - $45 - $50

Nostril - $45

Eyebrow - $45 - $50

Septum - $50

Labret / Monroe - $55

Lip - $45 - $55

Tongue - $55

Nipple - $45 - $50 ($80 - $90 for the pair)

Navel - $50 - $60

Industrial - $70

Orbital - $60

Dermal Anchor - $80 ($75 each if 2 or more)

Season 4 - Webisode 8 //
"What is the price of a tattoo?" is one of the most commonly asked questions asked by our customers and potential customers! Well there are many factors that determine the cost of a tattoo! So we thought we'd do a fun webisode talking specifically about that. The Price and cost of your project! How we determine the cost, how the cost may either go up, or may go down will be discussed. We also talk about sales and service, reliability, reputation, and standing behind our product after the tattoo is finished! This webisode is the first of an in depth educational experience delivered in a two part series that will continue next week in webisode 9! Don't miss this one!

Season 4 - Webisode 9 //
Welcome to the continuation of the previous webisode about how we price tattoos at the Truth & Triumph tattoo studio. In this one we continue discussing the ins and outs of getting a price quote from our shop. In this informative webisode, you'll be able to further educate yourself, and get our opinions firsthand about how we do business be entertained all while doing so! There aren't too many situations where you can do that! So sit back and relax. Watch Tattoo TV the way it was supposed to have been enjoyed! No Scripted drama! Just real tattooers telling it like it is! Tattooed Style!

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