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What do you get when you take a group of some of the most talented tattoo artists in the midwest and put a camera in front of them while they are doing their thing? Tattooing and talking about anything tattooing. You get footage that is used for the ever growing tattoo web TV show TATTOOED TV! This creation began only a few years ago, and is the brainchild of nationally known tattoo artist and entrepreneur Brian Brenner. "I watch, and have watched several reality television shows of some of the most uninteresting people and things you could ever imagine!" says Brenner. "Ever since I began tattooing almost two decades ago, I couldn't have dreamed of having the exciting life tattooing has given me. I felt that if anyone had an interesting story to tell, that tattooers and tattoo enthusiasts would wanna see, it could be us!"

On top of keeping the busiest tattoo schedules imaginable and traveling all over the country tattooing at expos and tattoo invitationals, Brenner and his top notch tattoo crew film and edit their entire webshow themselves. "We used to pay a production company to do our stuff, but the artistic approach and style of our webshow didn't really match the style of our company." They say if you want something done right, do it yourself! Well that is exactly what you see here! After a few short years, Truth & Triumph Tattoo is releasing its fourth season of TATTOOED TV! You wanna see the real deal and witness what goes on behind the scenes of a professional tattoo shop? Well here it is! The Fourth season of the midwest's most beloved tattoo crew! Truth & Triumph Tattoo!

Season 4 - Webisode 1 //
Well here we are with the fourth season of TATTOOED TV! In this season's premier, you'll get to follow us as we take you through the 10 most popular things to get tattooed. The countdown starts at number 10 . Then takes you all the way down to the number one thing customers get tattooed at our studio. We did the research, and now we are putting it all out there in our efforts to entertain you, educate you, and most of all and most importantly for your viewing pleasure! Here it is ladies and gentleman! Tattoo TV unlike you have seen it before! Enjoy!

Season 4 - Webisode 2 //
In webisode one we started the countdown of the top things to get tattooed at our shop! The research was done, and the results are in! We got em', and you want to know! What are the most popular things people get tattooed? Well here you have it, the highly anticipated top 5 things that people request to get tattooed at our shop! Starting with number 5 we'll walk you through our customer's favorites. You'll get to see our countdown first hand all the way to the number one tattooed topic that comes out of our studios! Don't miss the new Tattoo TV // Tattooed TV!

Season 4 - Webisode 3 //
Come watch your favorite tattoo shop put on the mother of all "Battle of the Bands" contests, with your favorite local bands! The stakes are high as some of the best acts around go toe to toe against each other in hopes of winning thousands in prizes as well as a heap of tattoos from the world famous Truth & Triumph Tattoo studio! Once again This organization and it's associates as well as Dayton's finest musicians prove themselves the real deal when it comes to making things happen the right way in Dayton Ohio!

Season 4 - Webisode 4 //
Here is the continuation you have all been waiting for. The finals of the Truth & Triumph Battle of the Bands contest! This webisode picks up where the last one left off. Right when the suspense is high! Who's gonna win this one? It's anyone's victory and or funeral. Four bands go hard at it trying for that grand prize, as their fans pack the house to a record attendance at the Blind Bob's bar! Watch and see all of the positive action that makes TATTOOEDTV,COM the new Tattoo TV!

Season 4 - Webisode 5 //
This webisode shows just how easy it is to make an appointment with our guys! Although Truth & Triumph tattoo remains as busy as it does, we are well equipped to handle any and all appointment requests. In this one we go into not only the ins and outs, but into the whys of why we operate the way we do. You sure won't have any doubts after watching this one, that Truth & Triumph is the place to be and always has been! You are not gonna wanna miss this one. It truly is the first step in your tattoo future! Only on TattooedTV// The new tattoo TV!

Season 4 - Webisode 6 //
This webisode covers one of the most important parts of getting tattooed! Aftercare! With the popularity of the people getting tattooed on the rise, the number of people getting tattooed is growing enormously. This means the risks of infections, and diseases spread through tattooing becomes a possibility if you do not take the proper precautions. In this one we cover going to a reputable studio (ours being first choice) , the importance of an all disposable set up (ask your tattooer), as well as the risks involved with getting tattooed. If you want the least amount of problems with your new tattoo, and want to avoid an infected tattoo, watch this webisode!

Season 4 - Webisode 7 //
This webisode clearly defines the solid foundation that Truth & Triumph Tattoo has laid for over a decade. The fact that Truth & Triumph Tattoo is far more than just a tattoo shop is not only just the key to it's success, it is exactly what has been attracting new clientele everyday, as well as turning loyal followers of other tattoo studios into now being part of our always growing extended tattoo family.
When you get tattooed at one of our studios not only do you receive a premium product, but you become a part of something far greater than you have bargained for. Building relationships is something our shop is known for, and this webisode shows it firsthand!

Season 4 - Webisode 8 //
"What is the price of a tattoo?" is one of the most commonly asked questions asked by our customers and potential customers! Well there are many factors that determine the cost of a tattoo! So we thought we'd do a fun webisode talking specifically about that. The Price and cost of your project! How we determine the cost, how the cost may either go up, or may go down will be discussed. We also talk about sales and service, reliability, reputation, and standing behind our product after the tattoo is finished! This webisode is the first of an in depth educational experience delivered in a two part series that will continue next week in webisode 9! Don't miss this one!

Season 4 - Webisode 9 //
Welcome to the continuation of the previous webisode about how we price tattoos at the Truth & Triumph tattoo studio. In this one we continue discussing the ins and outs of getting a price quote from one of our tattoo shops. In this informative webisode, you'll be able to further educate yourself, and get our opinions firsthand about how we do business and price tattoos, all while being entertained! There aren't too many situations where you can do that! So sit back and relax. Watch Tattoo TV the way it was supposed to have been enjoyed! No Scripted drama! Just real tattooers telling it like it is! Tattooed Style!

Season 4 - Webisode 10 //
Here at Truth & Triumph Tattoo, one of the most crucial elements to us as a company, is to build community. We love doing events, parties, as well as throwing contests! Winning something from the Truth & Triumph Tattoo studio is considered a big deal by many, and many enter in hopes of doing so! Winning! In this webisode you'll get to visit Poelking Lanes, a local bowling hot spot, and watch the contenders aim for bowler of the evening! We also will be announcing our winners of the "Girls of Truth & Triumph" contest at this event! You'll wanna catch this one where "the new tattoo TV" is TATTOOED TV!

Season 4 - Webisode 11 //
What a way to promote your business, whether you are a girl pursuing modeling, or a tattoo shop trying to promote their talents. In this webisode we pick up where we left off last week. You'll see more of our bowling event, as well as the after party, when the Bossman announces the winners of the Girls of Truth & Triumph contest. Where three lucky girls are in the running for free tattoos, a professional photo shoot, as well as their own page on our site. What an opportunity, right? You'll see tattoo TV the way it was meant to be seen on TATTOOEDTV.COM!

Season 4 - Webisode 12 //
When tattoo shop owner and entrepreneur Brian Brenner began his tattoo career almost two decades ago, "Tattooing was not a profession, nor considered a job you can turn into a career." says Brenner. "Today you can make as much money as you are driven to make. It's anybody's game, and tattooing is there for the taking by artists of all walks of life." Being a tattoo artist is one of the hottest things going, and gang loads of people are trying to get their foot in the door while they still can. Well in this webisode, you'll find out exactly how to take your tattoo apprenticeship straight to the top shop. You'll find no second rate tattoo training here! It is your opportunity to learn from the top players in the industry! You'll get to learn the trade the Truth & Triumph way! First Class and straight to the point! Watch and watch out for this one!

Season 4 - Webisode 13 //
With the decision to have an apprenticeship contest, there will be a lot of requirements for any and all volunteers that decide to take the challenge of becoming a part of one of tattooing's top teams! This webisode of Tattooed TV// the New Tattoo TV, Brian," The Bossman," and crew give a little taste of what the contestants can expect to work alongside Dayton's finest. This mini show is a continuation of the last one.
Don't miss the second part of this two part story, coming straight from your favorite tattoo crew! Truth & Triumph!

Season 4 - Webisode 14 //
In this webisode, TATTOOED TV explores the making of the latest Truth & Triumph web store! "Merchandise was something everyone kept asking us for," says Brian Brenner. "We always made shirts here and there and we always sold out of everything we did instantly," says Brenner. "But we never considered doing any product catalog or merchandise store on this level." This webisode shows the making of a lot of our gear from start to finish, while our merch guy Jimmy does an incredible job narrating the jobs he is doing. All merchandise is available for purchase on our website, and will be shipped straight to your doorstep within a few easy steps! This one will be a definite classic in the TATTOOED TV video library!

Season 4 - Webisode 15 //
Welcome to the Tattooed TV recap. We always like to do a "best of the best" webisode at the end of every season. This particular season had so many great moments, we had to make this one a double! Our tattooed times are one in a million, and not to mention, a lot of fun. These webisodes show firsthand the behind the scenes action, and have been one of the best parts of our company. Here it is! The best of season 4. Enjoy!

Season 4 - Webisode 16 //
Welcome to the Tattooed TV recap. We always like to do a "best of the best" webisode at the end of every season. This particular season had so many great moments, we had to make this one a double! Our tattooed times are one in a million, and not to mention, a lot of fun. These webisodes show firsthand the behind the scenes action, and have been one of the best parts of our company. Here it is! The best of season 4. Enjoy!

who we are enjoy tattooed tv tattoos dayton ohio