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A lot has happened since last season of TATTOOEDTV.COM! Our business has grown enormously, we've been busier than ever tattooing, as well as traveling, and pushing our company as far as we possibly can. Our newest location has really taken off. We're also doing a fourth location this fall. We are also glad to say we have quite a few new tattoo artists joining our team later this year! All of this aside, we've finally reviewed and edited all of our video material since we've seen each other last, and man was it hard to fit it all in one season.

We have hours and hours of it! Actually we had a lot of stuff we weren't able to bring you last season that had to be seen, and far be it from us to leave you hanging. Without these videos, we feel like you'd be getting cut short of what an experience with our crew is actually like. So without further blabbery, guys and gals we give you season 3 of TATTOOED TV! Enjoy!

Season 3 - Webisode 1 //
The New face of "Tattoo TV " head south for the first annual Biloxi, Mississippi Inktoberfest! You won't wanna miss this one. Dayton's best tattoo crew represent both of Dayton's top tattoo shops in this hot new webisode. Watch the guys get interviewed by an international tattoo web magazine, drop in the Hard Rock Casino, and of course lay it down tattooed style at the brand new Biloxi Convention Center! Truth & Triumph // Smartbomb Tattoo are definitely known for turning heads, and in this one you'll see why! Tattooed TV:"The New Tattoo TV!"

Season 3 - Webisode 2 //
Truth & Triumph // Smartbomb Tattoo in INKED magazine! In this hot new webisode of TATTOOED TV: "The New Tattoo TV" our very own tattoo team gets photographed for the very prestigious INKED magazine. This webisode covers the entire photo shoot as well as extensive commentary from some of Dayton, Ohio's best tattoo artists! View "The New Tattoo TV" like never before only here on TATTOOEDTV.COM!

Season 3 - Webisode 3 //
The TATTOOEDTV crew at the Richmond, VA Tattoo Arts Expo! The guys tear it up again in this webisode. Conventions are something the Truth & Triumph//Smartbomb tattoo guys do frequently and this convention is one of the best ones around! For nearly two decades this show has showcased some of the top tattoo talent from all over the country and we are lucky to be a part of it! Don't miss this webisode of TATTOOEDTV : "The New Face of Tattoo TV! "

Season 3 - Webisode 4 //
HELL CITY! Killumbus among us! The Hell City tattoo convention is one of the finest tattoo conventions in the country, if not the finest! Our team has always been a part of this show! The Columbus show is a hot one and not to mention right down the freeway from Dayton! A must for all tattoo enthusiasts! Cookie lays down some of the tightest lettering around while Brian "The Bossman" Brenner does one of his signature skull pieces right here on TATTOOEDTV : "The New Face of Tattoo TV!"

Season 3 - Webisode 5 //
The Truth & Triumph//Smartbomb Tattoo crew gets interviewed on the PRICK tattoo magazine's iTunes radio show, "The Power Hour." In this hot new webisode Chuck B, the owner of PRICK, interviews "The Boss" Brian Brenner and his crew (Robbie Bauer, Nick Harrison, and Joe Brenner) over the world wide web. Join the crew as they talk business, branding, marketing, tattooing, as well as hot rods. It's all of the things that are TATTOOEDTV : "The New Face of Tattoo TV!"

Season 3 - Webisode 6 //
"The Real Deal!" This webisode is dedicated to three of the finest realism tattooers in the business! Nick Harrison, Munkey Lee, and the internationally known Kyle Cotterman! We are very fortunate that all three of these tattoo prodigies are on our team, and after viewing this webisode we're sure you'll see why! When it comes to the realism game, these guys are truly in a league of their own. All right here on TATTOOEDTV : "The New Face of TattooTV!"

Season 3 - Webisode 7 //
"Alphabetical Order" This webisode is dedicated to the fine art of tattooing lettering. Lettering is the most tattooed imagery there is, and we are proud to tell you we have the very best lettering tattooers you'll find anywhere. Cookie, Joe Brenner, and Big Jaz take their lettering very serious, and their super high end lettering ability is sought after far and wide. Now's your chance to meet three of the most talented tattoo artists in Dayton, Ohio! Right here on TATTOOEDTV : "The New Face of Tattoo TV!"

Season 3 - Webisode 8 //
"The Art of Business" This webisode gets very up close and personal with the bossman himself, Brian Brenner. You'll get to witness firsthand the amount of time and energy that is dedicated to building a world class tattoo business. While most view his company's successes as nothing more than luck of the draw, in this webisode, Brenner proves it is much more than that, and how being an artist and businessman is a 24/7 thing for him and his crew! TATTOOED TV : "The New Face of Tattoo TV!"

Season 3 - Webisode 9 //
"We Got the Centerfold!" This webisode covers the extensive magazine coverage that Brian Brenner's Truth & Triumph // Smartbomb tattoo studios have acquired over the past few years, as well as the high profile advertising campaign he and his team have recently developed. Magazines, television, you name it, they are on it! Watch Brenner and crew in action right here on TATTOOEDTV : "The New Face of Tattoo TV!"

Season 3 - Webisode 10 //
"There's No Business Like Show Business!" This webisode gets behind the camera as we witness the making of TATTOOED TV firsthand! Writing, filming, editing, you name it, we got it! In this webisode you'll get to follow the bossman Brian Brenner, Dayton tattooer and business owner, now behind the camera filming and directing his world class team of tattoo artists, and producing their very own web show now viewed by the hundred thousands! Yes you guessed it.... TATTOOED TV!

Season 3 - Webisode 11 //
"They Say Never Discuss Religion or Politics!" In this webisode the Truth & Triumph//Smartbomb tattoo crew tell it like it is! These guys are known for a lot of things, but being politically correct isn't one of them! And as far as religion goes, you'd be surprised to hear them claim what is the crucial element of their success! This webisode shows a very different side of these tattoo studios. Once again proving they're anything but typical!

who we are enjoy tattooed tv tattoos dayton ohio