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Welcome to season 2 of TATTOOED TV.COM! We really appreciate all of you, the audience, and your support. The first series we call SEASON 1 has most definitely been a success. We've had our ups and downs with the over all production and creation of the show. However, we're getting the bugs worked out and will be much more efficient in bringing you future webisodes.
Thank you all for logging on and watching, and bearing with us through the aches and pains of what has been one of the exciting aspects of our tattoo business! That being said, ladies and gentleman we give you Season 2 of TATTOOED TV! 10 webisodes posting every Saturday from October 30th thru December 25th!

Season 2 - Webisode 1 of 10 //
Come join the Tattooed TV crew on yet another road trip as Brian Brenner and the Truth and Triumph posse hit two birds with one stone, doing a guest spot at Lucky's Hand of Fate tattoo studio on their way to the Full Moon Tattoo Expo in Nashville. Tons more tattooed life and times of one of the midwest's most beloved tattoo shops, as well as an extra special artist profile on our very own Nathan Palmer! Check it out! Only on TATTOOED TV.COM!


Season 2 - Webisode 2 of 10 //
The Truth and Triumph Tattoo crew stand out in Nashville! This hot new webisode continues on with more footage from the Nashville Tattoo Expo. The bossman Brian Brenner strongly represents his crew by winning the Tattoo of the day award not once but twice, as well as a build up to our next webisode, where we take an up close look at the artwork, work ethic and character of Josh Williams, truly one of the greatest tattoo people you'll meet anywhere! Right here on TATTOOED TV.COM!

Season 2 - Webisode 3 of 10 //
In this webisode our viewers get an introduction to one of our most vital players in the TRUTH AND TRIUMPH TATTOO company. Without a doubt, he is one of those guys most tattooers aspire to be like, and most definitely model themselves after. Here he is ladies and gentleman, soon to be your friend as he is ours, Mr. Josh Williams!

Season 2 - Webisode 4 of 10 //
For over a decade the SMARTBOMB TATTOO shop has been cranking out some of the finest tattoos in Dayton Ohio! As well as tattooers! In this one you'll get the chance to meet tattoo artists Craigo, Robbie, Kevin, and Matty B! And if you haven't had the opportunity to visit Smartbomb, now's your chance!

Season 2 - Webisode 5 of 10 //
This webisode picks up where the last one left off, with more of the SMARTBOMB TATTOO crew, their tattoos, and their stories. In this one we give you Nick, Steve, Rob, and an extra special introduction to one of the greatest portrait artists in the business, Mr.Kyle Cotterman!

Season 2 - Webisode 6 of 10 //
This webisode pays tribute to one of the best tattooers around, our very own KYLE COTTERMAN! Get up close and personal with Kyle, his artwork, and his stories from his humble beginnings to the catalysts that sparked one of the greatest tattoo carreers in midwest history! Only here on TATTOOED TV.COhance! Only on TATTOOED TV.COM!

Season 2 - Webisode 7 of 10 //
It's the grand opening of the second TRUTH AND TRIUMPH TATTOO studio. The guys open up their newest location right next to a retro hot rod lifestyle shop. Man! Talk about fate! There couldn't be a more perfect fit! Come visit the new shop and hang out with the staff at their opening night party, Only on TATTOOED TV.COM!

Season 2 - Webisode 8 of 10 //
Tis the season. It's the holiday season, and no better way to celebrate than TATTOOED TV style! Come decorate the Christmas tree, go Christmas shopping, and wrap presents with your favorite tattoo crew! This one's a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Ho-Ho-Ho! ( this story continues in webisode 10)

Season 2 - Webisode 9 of 10 //

In this webisode the TATTOOED TV crew throw a holiday party to remember. There's tons of Christmas cheer in this one, just in time to put you in the spirit of the season. With live music and artists doing their thing on site, you'll get a chance to check out the lights, snow and ho-ho-hos at this annual event, with friends, family, and fun the way we always do it. Tattooed style!

Season 2 - Webisode 10 of 10 //

In this webisode we'll be revisiting some of our favorite scenes from the 2nd season. Along with a recap of all of the artists profiles and stories, we'll be covering our tattoo travels and convention footage from 2010, as well as commentary from the entire TRUTH AND TRIUMPH and SMARTBOMB TATTOO crew! This one definitely shows the reason why tattoo TV is TATTOOED TV!

who we are enjoy tattooed tv tattoos dayton ohio